Partnership with Eddie and Alice

Eddie and Alice Smith Ministries (EAS) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation. Through EAS, we (Alice and Eddie) minister individually and together worldwide each year preaching the saving gospel of Christ and mentoring Christian leaders.

Our ministry is made possible by the generous gifts of God's people, churches, businesses and corporations who partner with us financially each month. The result? With the help of our partners we see tens of thousands of people make their first-time decisions for Christ and thousands of Christian leaders equipped. Many of these are in developing nations, where they have few available ministry training resources. Without those who invest in seeing lives changed through EAS, we are unable to proceed. At this time we have approximately 17,000 students in our free online year-long school of prayer! Although the school is free, it's not without cost.

We don't spend our time "fundraising." Fundraisers typically focus on two things. They focus on a ministry's needs and/or the affluence of the friends of the ministry. Frankly, we choose not to refuse to focus on our needs. It would only lead to frustration and anxiety. To focus on the wealth of our friends would discolor our relationships. We focus on our heavenly Father. Our support comes from Him. We inform our friends like you of our needs, then we trust God to speak to you.

Those who are blessed by us and our ministry; whose lives have been changed; who've been saved, delivered from darkness and transformed will recognize that sowing financially into EAS will honor the Lord, glorify His name and extend His kingdom. Others may not have those first-hand experiences with us, but they recognize "good ground" in which to make investments. If either of these describes you, here are some things we'd like for you to know.


Our Desire:   We desire to do our part to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20); to preach the gospel of Christ and escort multitudes into the Kingdom of God; and to encourage and inspire godly Christian leaders around the world.

Our Strategy:  We do this with our books, booklets, audio CDs and video DVDs. We do it with conferences, seminars, teleconferences and Internet webinars. We also invest hours each week mentoring, counseling and coaching Christian leaders. We travel worldwide.

Scripture says:  "Those who are taught the word of God should provide for their teachers, sharing all good things with them" (Gal. 6:6, NLT). "Dear friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you. They have told the church here of your loving friendship. Please continue providing for such teachers in a manner that pleases God. For they are traveling for the Lord...So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth" (3 John 1:5-8, NLT).


EAS Ministries is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation in the United States. So, your contributions are income-tax deductible. They are used to underwrite the costs of doing ministry worldwide, our U.S. office operating expenses and staff salaries and expenses.


There are several ways you can partner with Eddie and Alice


Instant Donation

Click this button to use PayPal, safely and securely.


Telephone Donation

You can phone your gift using your debit/check card, credit card or even check by phone. Call 800-569-4825.


Mail Donation

You can mail your gift to:

Eddie and Alice Smith Ministries

7710-T Cherry Park Drive, Ste 224

Houston, Texas 77095


Give A Buck A Day Away Partners

Consider becoming one of our "Give a buck a day away" partners with a $30.00 USD or a multiple of $30.00 monthly gift. Just look what you can do!

  • $1 (a buck) a day = $30 monthly = $360 per year!

  • $2 a day = $60 monthly = $720 per year!

  • $5 a day = $150 monthly = $1,800 per year!

  • $10 a day = $300 monthly = $3,600 per year!

  • $30 a day = $900 monthly = $10,800 per year!

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